Baby Keeps Hitting Head On Side Of Crib

Baby keeps hitting head on side of crib

Should Baby Sleep After Hitting Head?

It depends. If your baby has a small bump to his head and it doesn’t bother him for long, it should be fine if he wants to nap. It’s only a worry if he falls asleep straight away.

When Should I Start Putting Baby In Crib?

Technically, you can let your baby start sleeping in a crib at any time as you like. However, experts suggest a good time for your baby to start sleeping in the crib is at approximately 3 to 4 months old.

Can Babies Sleep After Hitting Their Head?

If the head injury occurred close to nap time or bedtime, you might find it hard to keep your baby awake for an hour. If the doctor says it’s OK for your baby to sleep in the first hour, try waking her 20 minutes after she’s asleep.

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Why Is My Baby Hitting His Head?

Possible reasons your toddler may bang his head: Self-comfort. As strange as it may sound, most toddlers who indulge in this behavior do it to relax. Pain relief. Your toddler may also bang his head if he’s in pain — from teething or an ear infection, for example. Frustration.