Baby Sleeps With Head Tilted Back

Sleeping on side with head tilted back

Why Does My Child Sleep With Their Head Tilted Back?

You may notice that your child is sleeping with their head tilted back or that your child is sleeping while sitting up. The reason for these odd sleeping positions is that your child is trying to get more oxygen in while he or she sleeps. These sleeping positions can very uncomfortable and can hinder your child from getting a good night’s rest.

How Should I Care For My Child With A Tilted Head?

When your child sleeps, it is best to place her on her back or side, with her head positioned opposite to the direction of the tilt. She can be placed on her stomach if she allows you to turn her face away from the side of the muscle injury, and if she then keeps her head in this position while sleeping.

What Happens If A Baby Sleeps On Its Back?

Babies who sleep on their backs are much less likely to die of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Babies who always sleep with their head to the same side can develop flat spots. This handout tells you how to prevent this from happening.

How Do I Know If My Baby Has A Tilted Head?

At this point you may begin to notice the following symptoms: 1 Head tilts or rotates to one side. 2 Limited range of motion in head and neck. 3 Asymmetry in your baby’s head and face (flattening on one side of the head). 4 Breastfed babies may prefer one side over the other. 5 Musculoskeletal problems may be present (hip dysplasia).

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  • Girl With Head Tilted Back

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