How To Get Baby To Take Liquid Medicine

Pill glide helps children take their tablets and capsules

What Is The Best Cold Medicine For A Toddler?

Cough and cold medicine isn’t the only way to relieve your child’s symptoms. You can also try this: Use pain relievers such as children’s Tylenol ( acetaminophen) or Motrin ( ibuprofen) for body aches. Don’t use ibuprofen in children under age 6 months.

How To Get Toddler To Take Antibiotics?

Choose a food that’s easily mixed with the antibiotic; applesauce, yogurt or other foods with this consistency are ideal. Don’t mix the antibiotic into a big dish of food; put it in just a spoonful, or you won’t be able to gauge how much your child got if he doesn’t finish the bowl.

How To Give Your Toddler Medicine?

How to give medicine to a child. Using a dropper 1. Hold your baby in the crook of your arm and take up the specified amount of medicine into the glass tube. 2. Place the dropper in the corner of your baby’s mouth and release the medicine gently. Using a medicine tube 1. Pour the required dose into the tube.