My Baby Has His Days And Nights Mixed Up

Mixed babies

Why Do Newborns Mix Up Their Days And Nights?

Why Do Newborns Mix Up Their Days and Nights? During pregnancy, a baby’s sleeping rhythms are closely tied to mom’s movement. When mom’s up and moving around, her movement lulls baby to sleep. By contrast, when mom lies down to rest, baby often wakes up and is ready to play!

Why Is My Baby Awake At Night While In The Womb?

Many babies tend to be awake at night while in the womb, while they sleep comfortably during the day when mom walks around. It can take a little while for the baby to get used to being awake during day time instead. Make sure he gets as much daylight as possible during the day.

Does Your Baby “Play” During The Night?

If your baby seems determined to “play” during the night and sleep during the day there’s really no quick fix, but there are some easy things you can do early on to set the stage for more acceptable sleep habits in the future.

Is Your Baby's Developmentally Ready For Night Time?

They’re just not developmentally ready.” In fact, Leigh Anne Newhook, a paediatrician in St. John’s, Nfld., says that for the first six to eight weeks, many, even most, newborns have their days and nights mixed up.