Why Do I Say Mean Things To My Child

Why my kids hate me and why that s ok

Why Is My Child Being So Mean?

Sometimes the meanness is unintentional, the result of a misunderstanding or outside circumstances. What’s more concerning is when children are deliberately mean. School-age children definitely know right from wrong. If you ask them questions such as, “Is it OK to call someone mean names?” or “Is it kind to hit someone?” they know the answer is no.

Why Does My Child Always Say Bad Things About Themselves?

Most kids (and adults) make the occasional negative comment about themselves. Sometimes, they want to vent or make a joke. It can also be a way to relate to others. If a negative comment is isolated, it’s usually not something to worry about. But some kids say bad things about themselves over and over.

Why Does My Child Say Hurtful Things To Me?

Don’t get me wrong, your child isn’t consciously aware of this in most cases. Nevertheless, causing you to be upset helps them to compensate for their inability to handle the problem they’re facing at the time. Some kids also say hurtful things as a means of trying to get what they want.

Do Your Kids Think The Wrong Things?

Kids are kids. Kids are human. As humans, we make mistakes. We think the wrong thing and do the wrong thing sometimes. And when we do, the last thing we need are words that spew shame. Instead, mistakes or sinful choices are opportunities we, as parents, have to teach our kids a better way. 2. How many times have I told you?